At Reverie, we believe in the process of creating by hand; hence we bring to you, calligraphy and lifestyle products that breathe meaning into our lives.

Beauty by Nature. Flourishes by Hand.



Our stationery products are mostly made from quality, biodegradable raw materials. From there, they are handcrafted, and delivered with care.



At Reverie, we believe scents are timeless and evoke precious memories. Hence, we are bringing forward environmentally friendly candles and fragrances that will you relax and unwind. We welcome corporate inquires, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Indigo Dyed Design Goods

Reverie Studios handpicks the best indigo dyed design products from Chiang Mai. No product is machine made, and no pattern is the same.

Reverie Calligraphy and Lifestyle Studio
Reverie Studios Shop Indigo
Reverie Calligraphy and Lifestyle Studio

About Our Calligrapher

I adore personalised crafts and gifts, and after I have found love in calligraphy, there is no turning back. I love gifting with a thoughtful manner , and in this fast and ever-changing digital world , I hope by creating these timeless crafts, reminds people of the beauty of imperfections, and the uniqueness that comes with the handmade process.



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